Music Video: Empath – Diamond Eyelids

Philadelphia psych-punks Empath have dazzled critics with their unique blend of psychedelic pop and indie rock, and after a year on lockdown, they are back in full force, having toured with groups like Modest Mouse, and releasing new music like the brand new single “Diamond Eyelids” from their upcoming album Visitor (out Feb 11, 2022.

The fuzzy tune is a bright, indie pop nugget with a crazy drumming, squiggly guitar lines and inviting vocals. A song collaging together a number of memories, it forms an emotional narrative about reaching for a fleeting moment of connection.

While it has a charming quirkiness to it, the band’s video for the track lets their freak flags fly. The video finds a woman straining during labor, using a large felt stomach and breasts, as well as giving us a very candid view into her nether regions, where we see a paper mache puppet head singing out of her arts & crafts created vagina. Finally, there is a view inside the womb, where marionette versions of the band perform.

Watch this wild video above, and stream the track here.

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