Throwback Thursday: Big Star – Thank You Friends

Anyone not aware of the genius that is Big Star should have something to be thankful for today, as this Thanksgiving is ripe for a throwback to one of the band’s beautiful tracks “Thank You Friends”. Like so many of the songs from the legendary but short-lived group (members Alex Chilton and Chris Bell have both sadly passed), the track is pure power pop perfection.

A slightly twangy guitar riff and an R&B backbeat give the track an upbeat swagger, as Chilton sings a paean of thanks to all the friends who helped him get to where he is. It’s without sarcasm or insincerity. And the gospel backing vocals and light orchestration only add to the warmth at the heart of the track.

And from us at the Indy Review, thank you for coming to our site and sharing our love of music. We are grateful for you. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Listen to the song here.

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