New Music Friday – December 3, 2021

And we’ve reached December! While it’s the end of 2020, it’s when we start counting new music to the best of 2022 lists. So what new tunes will be launching our next music year?

The first album will be Tom Morello‘s companion piece to his Atlas Underground album from a few months back, featuring a whole new set of awesome collaborators. Danish rockers Volbeat have dropped their latest collection of bangers. LP‘s latest album of smart alt pop is dropping today, and we also have the second album from Los Angeles cowboy Tar & Flowers.

Daisy the Great‘s “Record Player” has been on repeat for me this year, so it’s exciting to get a new single from them today. The same goes for Ski Lift, whose “Portal” was a favorite of 2021. Phoebe Bridgers is gracing us with a beautiful Tom Waits cover for charity, and we’ve got new tracks from a couple other artists we’ve covered in the past; Nathan Leigh and Century Egg. There’s also new ones from The Regrettes, Thundercat, Grimes, Aurora, Hippo Campus and Tears for Fears!

Some of the new artists we’re spinning this week are Faye, Yard Arms, Dmitry Wild, Young Guv, Texas King, Divided Heaven, Dylan and Josh Ramsay.

Hear all these new tunes in our New Music Friday Playlist!

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