Check This: Parks N’ Rec – The Year That Everything Changed

Artist: Parks N’ Rec

Song: “The Year That Everything Changed”

Label: Self Titled Studios

Genre: Indie Rock

Parks N’ Rec is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer Marco DiFelice. Formerly the frontman for pop-punk band Supergarage, DeFelice transitioned into music supervision following the dissolution of that band. After some years of working on shows like Orphan Black and Lost Girl, DiFelice began recording his own music again, first as Marco Solo, and now as Parks N’ Rec. Following the release of an album back in May, Wish I Was Here, Parks N’ Rec have recently dropped the aptly named new single “the year that everything changed”.

The song kicks off with a bongo-led rhythm and hopeful synths that pick the mood up right away. DiFelice’s soothing vocals, awash in an 80’s glow, flow over acoustic guitars, recounting addressing personal fears, and his reckless heart being a “blessing and a curse”. It’s a track that’s both nostalgic in it’s production and vibe, yet fits perfectly into the current musical landscape. And with it coming out at the end of what was another crazy year, the song’s message can’t help but feel universal and relevant.

Check out this track in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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