Banger of the Week: Dead American – Choke

There’s something about the cold, rainy winter time in SoCal that makes emo/post-hardcore music a good soundtrack. The dreariness of the normally sunny Los Angeles climate beckons for darker music, and SoCal post-hardcore band Dead American feel like a suitable soundtrack with their latest single “Choke”.

The band, inspired by a number of Warped Tour acts, are still working on paving their own way with their sound. “Choke” brings incredibly heavy riffs, mildly offset by off-key keyboard notes. The vocals hail in like a raging storm, emotive and melodic, but backed by slicing screams that bring chills. If you’re looking for a heavy song to warm you up with rage, you won’t find better than “Choke”.

Catch the band on the Velocity Records tour this year, and listen to their new banger in our Banger of the Week Playlist!

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