Check This: The Lagoons – Long Road to Nowhere

Artist: The Lagoons

Song: “Long Road to Nowhere”

Album: Daybreak

Genre: Indie, Indie Rock, Alternative

Per their bio, The Lagoons are a “couple California boys with a California sound”. Sunset harmonies, breezy beach day melodies and instrumentation that matches those sunny state vibes are a big part of the group’s appeal, and can be heard throughout their latest album Daybreak.

One of the stand-outs from the album is the closing track “Long Road to Nowhere”. An emotional track that looks forward to the light at the end of the tunnel of the madness of the last few years, the song embodies the chill, peaceful feeling of looking out at the horizon and drifting off into a better state of mind.

It’s three and a half minutes of musical escapism, which it feels like we could all use right now. Take a listen in our Check This 2022 playlist!

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