World Watch: Tytus Długołęcki

Country: Poland

I first listened to Tytus Długołęcki‘s new album The Mysteries of the Black Hole while hiking off a hangover on a warm Sunday morning. It was a blessedly good choice.

The Warsaw-based psych-rock guitarist composes sonically cosmic experiences through his guitar playing, melding in ambient soundscapes and analog drum machines to give each piece an ambient beauty that is easy to drift away to.

Opening track “Leaving the Blue Planet” is a folk-influenced elegy, with swooning acoustic guitars anchoring the tune, while Długołęcki overlays spacious solos over the eerie melody. “Solar Surfing” goes even further down the psychedelic rabbit hole, with trippy acoustics creating a flowing wall of sound over a sedated drum beat. One can imagine laying in a grassy field on a sunny day letting this music completely wash over you, and feeling it through every nerve of your body that leaves you feeling utterly peaceful.

The nine-minute “Strange Comets” is imbued with a tender melancholy that recalls masterpieces like Funkadelic‘s “Maggot Brain”, with dusty percussions adding a Western flair. And while nine minutes may seem long, it is nothing compared to the thirty minute title track, which is an epic on its own.

Vibe out to two of Długołęcki’s tracks in our World Watch Playlist!

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