Music Video: Nautics – Selfish

Formed while in their teens, four piece band Nautics released their first album in 2015. Since then, the group has released four albums and a number of singles, and most recently dropped their latest single “Selfish”.

Indie at its core, “Selfish” stands out with jazzy horns and drums, and a lilting hip-hop vocal delivery that gives the song a new bohemian flavor. The song becomes even more interesting when paired with the dark, crime film-inspired video the band directed (with help from their DP) for it. As the band shares a love of films like Drive and Reservoir Dogs, they used those cinematic touchstones to create a video “about holding the more vulnerable part of yourself hostage, and the self destruction that comes from the selfish part of you getting what you want, all because you’re too chicken to share the truth.”

Along with the narrative, featuring members of the band in animal masks hunting down the lead singer, the group adds in cool after-image effects, bubble text pop-ups and comically-light choreography that fits with the breezy nature of the song. Watch the video above, and stream the track below!

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