Music Video: Etta Marcus – Provider

Though only on her debut EP, British songwriter Etta Marcus, 20, is already garnering critical attention and be cited as a musician to watch in 2022. The first time I heard her latest single “Provider”, it was hard for me to argue. The sparse yet emotional track finds a woman casting down a man who is “no provider”.

Lyrics like “The last thing that she needed was a man that didn’t want her”, highlighting Marcus’ talent for empathetic songwriting, singing narratives from the points of views of characters or other people. Fittingly for such a somber song, the video for “Provider” is shot in stark, crisp black and white, live from Platoon 7. With an emphasis on shadows and Marcus’ quiet performance, the visual provides a haunting accompaniment for the stripped-back song.

Watch the video above, and stream the song here.

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