Music Video: Yonder Mountain String Band – Suburban Girl

Colorado-based bluegrass quintet Yonder Mountain String Band are known for pushing the boundaries of their sound into jam and rock n’ roll styles. For their latest music video for the pretty, folk pop “Suburban Girl”, they’ve also broadened their visual horizons with a superb stop-motion animation clip.

The track is a wistful, acoustic number, sung to a girl who is trying to get out or “die trying”. There is a youthfulness to the song’s narrator’s worldview, which pairs perfectly with the video’s nostalgic, dreamlike imagery; old shoes riding a skateboard through a quiet down, doodles in a sketchbook, and carvings into a school desk are brought to life with surrealist aesthetics. The desk floats amiably under a time lapse sky, while the shoes and skateboard often float ethereally over the roads.

“Suburban Girl” is a reminder that music videos can still be an art form that elevates the accompanying song in fresh and exciting ways. Check out the video above and stream the track here.

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