Check This: Kulick – Time to Go

Artist: Kulick

Song: “Time to Go”

Album: Everyone I Know Will Die

Label: Enci Records

Genre: Pop-Punk, Rock, Alternative

Pop-punk is truly becoming a solo-genre in the 2020s. Artist like Machine Gun Kelly, Sueco and Charlotte Sands are just some examples of artists reviving the genre without dedicated bands. Add Kulick to that list. The artist (full name Jacob Kulick) started dropped his first EP in 2018, and just recently released his excellent second full-length Everyone I Know Will Die. Full of hook-laden pop-punk/rock, one of the album’s stand-outs is the punchy “Time to Go”.

Built around lyrics that look back at difficult teenage years (“I was wasted from 13 to 17. Stealing drinks from the basement”) while also encouraging someone else to move on from the past, Kulick‘s emotive yet powerful vocals quickly engage the listener. The power chords and simple drum beat remain smartly muted, giving Kulick‘s vocals and lyrics plenty of room to breathe until the hyperactive, crazy-catchy chorus kicks in. Though its delivered in a syncopated, fast-paced sprint, I can’t imagine it will take long for any fan to memorize it just to sing it back at Kulick during a live show.

Take a listen to this righteously awesome track in our Check This 2022 playlist!

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