Check This: Stemmy – Freakin Bummer

Artist: Stemmy

Song: “Freakin’ Bummer”

Genre: Power Pop, Punk, Garage Rock

You never know where you might discover the best new tunes, or when they might find you. A few weeks back, Stemmy reached out to us on Instagram with a link to one of his recent singles, “Freakin’ Bummer”. Due to our everlasting backlog, I only just got to the submission this week, but I’m glad I did.

“Freakin Bummer” is a perfect throwback to the garage rock/power pop nuggets of the seventies (similar in fashion to recent Bad Ass Break-Out artist Dazy, or Tommy Keene). Smooth, Thin Lizzy-esque guitar solos, expansive power chords, muted drums and plaintive, emotional vocals that connect in their relatability.

What I learned after listening is that Stemmy records everything solo at home. He shared with me that he’s a 60 year old retired teacher, who is currently fighting Parkinson’s. Pretty damn impressive.

Check out Stemmy‘s song “Freakin Bummer” in our Check This 2022 Playlist!

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