Bad Ass Break-Outs: Dazy

One of the reasons I love EOY list time is I get to discover tons of great songs and albums I missed over the last year. So far, of all the albums I’ve caught up on, the one that has left me salivating for more has been Dazy‘s MAXIUMBLASTSUPERLOUD. Masterminded by Virginia-based musician James Goodson, Dazy make sweet, fuzzy garage pop nuggets that are as tuneful as they are short.

Tracks like “Invisible Thing” and “The Perfect Crime” are filled with giddy group harmonies, sleazy-guitars and Tommy gun guitars that work beautifully together. “Fool in the Mirror” is a dreamy power pop bop that purely shines with sweet melodies. Lyrics like “There’s a fool staring back at me in the mirror. Looks familiar” are delivered with a self-aware humor that still mixes in a great dose of pathos to hit the right emotional notes.

One of the longest tracks the band has is the three minute “Firecracker”, which uses that extra time for an anthemic musical intro before getting into grungy verses (“Bloodshot TV screen. Practice what they preach”) that explode into a sugary singalong chorus. If Green Day had been a sixties garage band, they may sound like this.

Get familiar with Dazy by checking out some of their immaculate tunes in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist!


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