Banger of the Week: Death Lens – Abrupt

When we were all stuck in quarantine for nearly two years, it made some of us listless and depressed. For LA punks Death Lens, they reacted with an aggressive missile of pure punk energy. Their latest single “Abrupt” is inspired by “The anxiety of quarantine, Zoom meetings and living in a ‘groundhog day’ type of life during the pandemic.”

The track balances hardcore fury with melodic punk hooks, with churning guitars, barreling drums and gang vocals that bring a sense of collective unity to the song’s thematic mission. “Repeat and repeat again, over and over again, day after day is the same, living in a picture frame” is shouted with a “sick of it all” restlessness that everyone can relate to after what we experienced. This is the soundtrack for destroying everything in your home after a cabin fever-induced nervous breakdown.

Rock out hard to this one in our Bangers of the Week Playlist (now on Apple Music too)!

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