Banger of the Week: Motor Sister – Can’t Get High Enough

When you’re forming a band with members of Anthrax and White Zombie, you should certainly expect the music to come out of that band to hit hard. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Motor Sister‘s latest song, “Can’t Get High Enough”, is an undeniable banger.

Original formed to pay tribute to one of Scott Ian’s favorite groups, Mother Superior, their upcoming album Get Off, features eleven original songs (plus one Mother Superior cover). The first of these originals to be released, “Can’t Get High Enough” is a fast and furious barnburner. The drums forecast a hurricane as they come pummeling in, while the metal riffs are sharp and heavy. The vocal harmonies are in-your-face, full of blues-inflected attitude.

This band is battling with scorched-earth ferocity. Pump up the volume on this one as you spin it in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple!

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