World Watch: Dana Al Fardan

Country: Qatar

Dana Al Fardan is Qatar’s first female composer, a singer and songwriter, who’s work has appeared in films (Orca), theater (Broken Wings) and is even the onboarding music for Qatar Airways. Al Fardan has been the Cultural Ambassador of the Qatari Philharmonic Orchestra, whom with she has worked with on her latest single, “Solstice”, which will be on her upcoming album Indigo.

Al Fardan’s music blends contemporary, western and neo-classical influences with the rich musical heritage and soundscape of the Middle East, preserving the authenticity of one sound while building onto it to find another. “Solstice” is a lush, orchestral pop stunner that coasts along a sea of strings. The track’s percussion bolsters the energy, creating a propulsive rhythm.

Her new album’s title track, “Indigo”, is a gorgeous, solemn piano ballad. Al Fardan lets the orchestra join in gradually, building the grandeur of the track, while her vocals swoon through music like leaves blowing through a calm wind. “Rising” is Al Fardan’s most traditional western pop track, with soaring vocals and choral harmonies that hook you in with their emotional heft. Absolutely moving.

Listen to two of Dana Al Fardan‘s beautiful compositions in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple!

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