Album Review: Universound – Moonlight Drive

Universound is hitting the airwaves with their new album, Moonlight Drive, a jazz infused rock album that blends funky synths with the spirit of rock and roll; it’s safe to say this is a drive worth going on. 

Established in 2016, Universounds quickly found their voice in blending genres and sounds together. While it’s easy to assume that Universounds follows musical trends, that’s just the surface of their interplay and charismatic combinations. Throughout most of their work, the group has built up a reputation of creating inspiring and energetic music that doesn’t lose its soul; this is no different in Moonlight Drive

Upon first hearing it, the album might seem like just another funk style composition which leans into the iconography of a jazzy space adventure. However, Moonlight Drive goes to infinity and beyond by developing a new sound from their mixes of different tones. You get the best shades of music while their unique voice shines through. In an almost natural way, Moonlight Drive feels coherent in its blends and spontaneity.

From the soft sounds of  “Gift” to the lively beats of “the code” every song on the album feels like an eccentric effort to push an optimistic view of the world and space we all embody. Moonlight Drive acts as a wonderful expression of what it means to be alive in a contemporary age; constantly finding yourself and your voice while being part of different communities. Universound’s approach to blending and creating multi-genre music is in a way their method of expressing diversity and highlighting personal identity. Their curated sense of style and eccentricity are elevated every time you feel the sound shift in a dramatic or subtle way. 

Overall , the album is an exciting embrace of funk, synths and rock n’ roll. It’s worth your time and quickly shrugs off any presumption that Universound is just another music group in a sea of derivative sounds and trends. Additionally, the album acts as a wonderful anthem of the modern and diverse world; one that is yearning to embrace individuality and naturalism. 

Listen to the new album here.

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