Banger of the Week: Lydia’s Castle – Search for You

Formed during the pandemic by wife and husband Tonya LeeAnne and Cody Denton, Lydia’s Castle (rounded out by drummer Jon Wysocki) write hard rock songs made for emotional catharsis, which we all could use a lot of after the last few years.

The group’s latest single “Search for You” is one born out of tragedy, but hits like a hurricane. Written in response to one of the greatest losses in LeeAnne’s life, the singer channels that pain through her powerhouse vocals. Backed by Denton’s whiplash licks and Wysocki’s empowering drumming, LeeAnne sings “I know you did your best to save me from dying alone inside”, breaking your heart even as you’re head banging. The chorus is gigantic, and will make this a hit at festivals.

Bangers can have heart, and this one is packed with it. Take a listen in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple!

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