Cover Corner: Sylvia Rose Novak – Dizzy (Jimmy Eat World)

Sylvia Rose Novak began her music career writing songs in the alt-country vein. For her latest album, A Miss / A Masterpiece, she consciously chose to leave the road behind her and create music inspired by emo and power-pop she grew up listening to, including acts like My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World.

It’s fitting then, that on her latest album, she has included a cover of Jimmy Eat World‘s “Dizzy”, an excellent deep cut from their 2007 album Chase This Light. The original, which embraced the Arizona band’s more spacial and anthemic tendencies, remains a stunning track. What Novak does is bring out the rock at its center.

With louder, more metallic guitars riffs and throbbing drums, her cover feels more muscular than the original. There’s also a clearer quality to her vocals that make the song’s poetic lyrics easier to hear and understand. As a big fan of Jimmy Eat World, I can say Novak does them justice made a wise choice picking this lesser-known track of the band’s to make her own.

Take a listen to the cover here, and listen to Sylvia Rose Novak‘s new album when it’s released on May 20th.

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