Music Video: David Rosales – Spoonful

Arriving on Earth Day last week, rock songwriter David Rosales perfectly timed the release of his new single “Spoonful”, with its charming and fun eco-conscious video.

The song itself is a jaunty, brass-filled rock song full of warm vibes and relaxed melodies. And with a chorus that goes “with a spoonful of love”, the creators of the whimsical video took literal inspiration. Opening with simple, throwback 2D animation before switching to a mix of stop-motion and 3D animation (with scenes of live-action), the video follows a single-use plastic spoon on a wild adventure through the urban jungle.

Beginning life as a cereal spoon, the cheery utensil finds itself thrown out, and traveling through garbage isles, colorful cities, sprightly nature, and frightening beaches, all the while searching for a new lease on life. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens, but it’s hard to resist rooting for the peppy little spoon, and the overall message of the video of reusing materials and stopping our habits of adding to the growing garbage piles all over our planet.

Watch the beautiful video above, and stream the track here!

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