Check This: JAD – Don’t Let the Sun Set On Me

Artist: JAD

Song: “Don’t Let the Sun Set on Me”

Genre: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Toronto-based songwriter JAD has found inspiration for his music in his search for identity, both public and private. His music remains also difficult to identify, melding traditional folk and acoustic styles but incorporating other elements to give them fuller, wealthier textures.

While his latest single “Don’t Let the Sun Set On Me” is a stripped back, acoustic track, its production gives it more depth and heart than the traditional singer-songwriter fare. The seven and a half minute track rides gently on acoustic guitars, with JAD‘s soft vocals channeling prime Elliott Smith. The track, written “to preserve the feelings born in the moments between a certain individual and I during the summer of 2019, two paths converging, if only for a night”, conjures lovely coasting during a summer sunset, even as JAD‘s emotional lyrics lay out a stark vulnerability.

Check out this latest track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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