Check This: Billingsley – Long Shot

Artist: Billingsley

Song: “Long Shot”

Genre: Rock, Funk, Indie

North Carolina-based band Billingsley is a power trio fusing rock and roll with funk, R&B, jazz and a dash of pop-punk. Releasing their first EP back in 2016, the band has been creating their own brand of music that seeks to bring audiences along on the fun ride. The fun continues on their latest single “Long Shot”.

A fun song about taking your shot at pursuing your crush, Billingsley open the track saying “Ariana Grande keeps on calling, but I never pick up”, using this as an example of the narrator’s true devotion to their crush. Musically, the track is a bouncy bop with a power pop chorus filled with charming harmonies. The funk influences can be heard in the grooving rhythm, while the vocal delivery on the bridge has traces of R&B.

But at its core, the track is an upbeat rocker that can easily put a smile on your face. Check it our in our Check This 2022 playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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