Check This: The Kaleidoscope Kid – Maniac (feat. Big B)

Artists: The Kaleidoscope Kid, Big B

Song: “Maniac”

Album: The Kaleidoscope Kid

Label: Suburban Noize Records/Regime Music Group

Genre: Hip-Hop, Alt Rock, Indie, Soul

Phoenix-based songwriter/emcee The Kaleidoscope Kid is lucky to be here today. Having been diagnosed with Reiter’s Syndrome, which ravaged his body, he was given few options by Western medicine, and turned towards Eastern medicine and psychedelics. While living off the grid in Sedona with his dog Blue, he found reprieve in music, learning to play guitar and write songs as part of his healing process. It’s perhaps this approach to healing that led to his laid-back style of blues/folk-inspired hip-hop, that truly shines through on his debut album’s closing track “Maniac”.

Featuring fellow rock-inspired rapper Big B, the track brings to mind the classic Everlast track “What it’s Like”, with its bluesy guitar and chill beat. But unlike Everlast, The Kaleidoscope Kid‘s delivery carries a youthful swagger that feels in-sync with the voice of Gen Z. Though the track recounts the sad story of Blue passing away, it doesn’t dwell in melancholy, instead inspiring one to move forward, as Big B spits out “drive motherfucker, drive”.

Check out this track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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