Banger of the Week: Centershift – 9

Onesidezero are one of those respected but less-remembered bands of the nu-metal boom of the early 2000’s. I remember seeing them open for Incubus, and digging their single “New World Order”. When I learned that lead singer/guitarist Jasan Radford of that group had formed Centershift, my curiosity and warm memories insisted I give this new band a try.

The EP has the blend of hard riffs and haunting vocals that made nu metal the dominant genre on rock radio for such a long period. And while there are moments of chaotic riffage and pummeling noise, Centershift veers more towards mood melodies than breakneck tempos and screaming. One of the best examples of this is first single “9”.

The opening guitar line has echoes of classic grunge, with a hypnotic, Arabic-sounding melody. Radford sings from a place of age and wisdom, ready to move forward on his journey versus battling change; “Show me a path and I’ll follow. Set me free.” The drumming adds a weight that imbues the song with extra heft, and when paired with the hard rock power chords, make this a ruminating boiler of a song.

Take a listen to this heavy soul tonic in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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