Music Video: Standards – Smile

The majority of the music-loving public would not be able to tell you what Math Rock is. In truth – it’s something better to be heard than explained – especially when it’s coming from Los Angeles duo standards. The colorful musicians bring a more melodic, funky flavor to the technical instrumentation expected from the genre, with their latest single “smile” burst with ebullient melodies pinging off each other. Guitarist Marcos Mena incredible playing is easy to hear, and drummer Cam Mitchell boasts admirable technique, but both of these skilled artists get to shine in their latest music video.

Shot in an empty apartment, the video is kept simple with a 360 dolly shot filming the duo as they perform in their quirky wardrobe choices. What this allows is for the band’s abilities on their instruments to be the focus here, as well as their energetic performance and chemistry as a band. They truly give off a vibe, and highlight what seeing them live would be like. As a single post is used to create cuts that lead the video to move from morning to night, standards seem in their own world as they play, outcasts who find joy in each other and the spritely music they’re creating.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here.

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