Check This: New Junk City – Rosey

Artist: New Junk City

Song: “Rosey”

Album: Beg a Promise (Fall)

Label: A-F Records

Genre: Punk, Pop-Punk, Rock

Atlanta punks New Junk City have been kicking around since 2014, writing fast and catchy melodic punk that has gotten them comparisons ranging from the Gin Blossoms to Green Day. Whatever their influences, there is no denying they have a clear knack for big, ear-catching choruses and energetic rock n’ roll hooks. And having just signed with A-F Records, they are preparing for the release of their next record with new single “Rosey”.

“I woke up late again. I heard you moving around outside. Hungover, hanging out, till you can catch a ride” sounds like a line that could be in a sequel to “Hey Jealousy”, but it’s delivered with the same heart-felt pop-punk harmonies as early blink-182 or Jimmy Eat World. It’s a song bursting with warmth and nostalgia, balancing the sing-along chorus with a dash of melancholy (“Can you beg a promise? When I die, please don’t bury me in this town”).

It’s certainly the type of song I would love to hear on the radio. For now, you can hear it in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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