World Watch: La Femme

Country: France

Noted as one of the biggest rock bands in France right now by Pitchfork, La Femme formed twelve years ago, and released their debut album in 2013. Their blend of synth-rock, psychedelia, surf, cold wave, Motown and indie rock (among other influences) has proven they are truly a band of the world. Just take their latest single “Sacate La” as an example.

Inspired by trips around South America and Spain, “Sacate La”‘s lyrics are in Spanish, while the track echoes the bohemian pop rock of the 60’s, with a number of other elements elevating it beyond any specific genre. Recent tracks like “Cool Colorado” have jazzy synth lines and hypnotic trip-hop vocal deliveries that emphasize the psychedelic elements of their sound.

“Sur La Planche 2013” is a dance-punk banger that rivets with its honking bass rhythm and bustling drums, while “Ou va le Monde” is a sticky surf rock jam that Tarantino probably listens to while eating croissants. This is all to say that the band has an impressive versatility and they should be on most Americans radar. Especially as they are touring the U.S. this summer (unfortunately the LA date is already sold out).

Listen to a couple of La Femme‘s tracks in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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