Throwback Thursday: July – Dandelion Seeds

Summer is the best time to get psychedelic. There’s already a feeling of unreality while you lay on your back in the sun, sweating while watching the clouds go by on a hot, sunny day. Maybe you’ve had a drink or some other mind-altering substance to enhance the good feelings these months bring. All that’s needed is the right music to soundtrack the haze.

Let’s then throwback to the sixties, when psychedelic music was in its nascent stage, growing thanks to the influence of bands like Pink Floyd. One band from this movement that is not as well remembered except among deep collectors was British band July. The group only lasted a year, but released their very rare self-titled during that time, which included the trippy classic “Dandelion Seeds”.

There’s a bit of blues to the guitar line that permeates the song, but the vocals are pure sixties psychedelia, sang with a lackadaisical timbre. A groovy drum beat and rubbery bass line sway and wiggle the melody in twisty directions, while the haunting tones at the bridge add a transcendental whimsy to the song.

We’ve added this jam to our Tropical Tripping playlist, which we hope you make one of your top listenings this summer. Find it on Spotify below or Apple Music.

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