Check This: Francesca Louise – Odyssey

Artist: Francesca Louise

Song: “Odyssey”

Genre: Indie, Folk, Singer-songwriter

UK-based songwriter Francesca Louise takes inspiration from a number of the great female artists of our time, with vocals recalling the likes of Carole King and songwriting from the school of Joni Mitchell. And like so many songwriters, the pandemic upended her touring plans, and also forced her to have to face a traumatic event which inspired her latest single “Odyssey”.

Both triggered by this event and and outward look on how the pandemic was affecting the mental health of those around her and herself, there is certainly a solemnity to the song (“This world you see, wasn’t made for you or me”). Over a soft acoustic guitar, Louise’s vocals carry a striking emotion and plaintive beauty, while her lyrics flirt with ideas of mortality (“Why can we only stay for a moment, is it so?”) and love, while being opaque enough to allow for interpretation. It’s fitting that a single drum beat starts as Louise delivers the line “There’s no way to see the intensity of life, would you agree?”. While far from transforming the song into a rock number, the simple beat adds a steady force to the track that adds a cathartic air to it.

Dive into this track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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