Check This: Elizabeth Wyld – Love Comes with a Knife

Artist: Elizabeth Wyld

Song: “Love Comes With a Knife”

Album: TBD (coming this Summer)

Label: 908548 Records DK

Genre: Alt Pop, Indie Folk

Being raised in rural Virginia while identifying as queer has been inspiration for much of indie folk songwriter Elizabeth Wyld‘s music. Dealing with issues of identity and lust while growing up in a conservative part of America has birthed much of her emotional music, but on her latest track, “Love Comes With a Knife”, the songwriter dives into the POV of a fictional heroine (or anti-heroine in this case), the character of Villanelle in the show Killing Eve.

About the song, Wyld has said:

The song is written from the perspective of villanelle in killing eve, singing to Eve. It came out of the desire to write a song that was truly just a sweet love song, not something emo or pessimistic or fearful toward love

And there is very much a brighter tone and atmosphere to the song. Starting with an uptempo drum beat, Wyld delivers lyrics like “Always bending over backwards, trying to make you think I was cool. I’m lost in space, it’s a hopeless case. There is nothing I can do” with a a subtle sincerity that conveys the passion without being saccharine. Her vocals hav elements of Alanis Morissette, but with a sweet pop ring to them.

At the end of the day, it’s simply a great pop love song and worth you checking out in our Check This 2022 playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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