New Music Friday: July 8, 2022

Hope all of you had a nice long weekend. I sadly had Covid, so spent the time quarantining and finishing the new seasons of STRANGER THINGS and UMBRELLA ACADEMY (which have two of the best TV soundtracks out there right now). Now it’s time to cap off the short week with some crackling new tunes.

African juggernaut Burna Boy is back with his latest which is sure to scorch. If you want some bombast, 80’s pop rockers Journey have a brand new album, and if you want to mellow things out, check out the new one from English songwriter James Bay. Then again, maybe you want to get in a circle pit while listening to the debut album from Ontario punks Among Legends.

Some other famous Brits, The 1975, are back with a new single this week, while The Mars Volta are giving us their second new one from their next album. Lee Bains & The Glory Fires are also bringing the second taste of their next album, and classic pop-punk/emo band Mayday Parade. Speaking of classic emo bands, Armor for Sleep are back with their first new music in fifteen years, and we have it in our playlist for you.

If you want some nu-punk, check out the new ones from Yours Truly, Sundressed, Futuristic and Cherie Amour. Or if you’re in a more folkie mood, we’ve got new ones from Julien Baker, Mariel Buckley and Los Coast! And if you’re a fan of 90’s rock, you can pump your first to a new pop rock anthem from Collective Soul! And for the metalheads out there, the latest track from The Hu should please you.

Artists getting their first adds to the NMF playlist this week are Dylan James, ATTAWALPA, Alex Amor, Stand Still, The Cradle, Glass Violet, Baby Queen and Pilod.

Start streaming all of this music and more in our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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