Check This: Nadia Kazmi – Have You Here

Artist: Nadia Kazmi

Song: “Have You Here”

Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Pop Rock

Brooklyn-via-Calgary artist Nadia Kazmi creates music that ignores genre tropes, letting her powerhouse vocals cast a wide net over her alternative songwriting. Her latest single, “Have You Here”, takes a cue from 70’s rock songwriting, building an arrangement of spirited piano, guitar and drums that allow her vocals to dominantly cast out and own the song.

About the new track, Kazmi has said:

“The inspiration was about first loves or people you still think about years later but it’s not really supposed to be a sad song, just nostalgic. I think everyone has a person or a couple of people they remember fondly or think “what if” about but in reality, those things were meant to fade away and leave you with memories that get better and better with time (a bit of selective memory) I imagine the days when groups of 40 friends would go up camping or on crazy road trips, everyone was falling in and out of love but some of those loves lasted longer.”

With classic-sounding production, the track stands strong as Kazmi’s first single of the year, with a plan to release a couple more before sharing her latest album in 2023. Check out the new track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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