Music Video: Breanna Barbara – Diamond Light

New York’s Breanna Barbara has been taking her music, inspired by psychedelic rock, blues and Americana, on a journey through the world, that has equally inspired the music she’s made. With her sophomore album Nothin’ But Time out on November 11th, she has released the first teaser of that album with the single “Diamond Light”, along with a fantastical, dreamlike romp of a video.

Opening with a seemingly lonely young girl watching a variety show while her stoned, drunk dad passes out on the armchair, the show’s host introduced Breanna Barbara. As Barbara performs on the show, she also magically appears in the young girl’s living room, beginning a wild evening of dancing, dress-up and shimmering performance footage. With the introduction of Barbara, the color palette of the video brightens, while still maintaining its throwback look. This all fits perfectly with the surfy, garage rock track with its grooving, celestial chorus.

Watch the clip above, and stream the track here!

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