Banger of the Week: Record Thieves – Fault Lines

Though they only have one album to their name, Denver’s Record Thieves‘ have the powerful, polished punk rock sound of a band on their tenth album. That’s likely that the band is made up of members of Authority Zero, Boldtype and Allout Helter. Now after the silence of the miserable pandemic, the band is back with a rocking new single, “Fault Lines”.

Simply put; it’s punchy, melodic punk that hits “like an atom bomb, like an asteroid”, as the band “burns through the noise” with a great anthemic chorus that may remind listeners of similar punk hitmakers Rise Against. The band knows how to pack a heft dose of muscle in their rhythm section, but soften it enough with the sugary melody that it gets hooked in your brain. Like a boxing glove around Mike Tyson’s fist, it’s still strong as hell, but won’t leave (too) much damage.

Check out the track in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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