Check This: Stephanie Hatzinikolis – One More Time

Artist: Stephanie Hatzinikolis

Song: “One More Time”

Album: TBD EP

Label: Jungle Strut Music

Genre: Indie Rock, Pop Rock

Los Angeles based songwriter Stephanie Hatzinikolis began playing piano at a young age, and by the end of high school was performing live. Taking influence from acts like Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and The Beatles, she manages to incorporate numerous styles into her sound while still maintaining a cohesiveness to her songwriting. A prime example is her most recent single, the pensive, beautiful “One More Time”.

The melancholic narrative about a toxic relationship is brought to life not just in Hatzinikolis’ lyrics, but also the music. The somber yet playful piano melody reflects the emotional realization she has about the person calling (“Why you calling me at midnight? Someone new has left you crying.”) and her frustration at herself for staying up and listening, while the dirty guitar solo (courtesy of Nico Barouhas) represents the friend’s selfish, drunken midnight call. The wistful ending, with Hatzinikolis’ soft, amber vocals, leaves you with a feeling of hope and longing that’s difficult to put into words.

Check out this beautiful track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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