New Music Friday: August 12, 2022

How is your August going (aside from sweltering hot)? I am recovering from a recent surgery, so haven’t been able to do much but listen to music (thankfully there’s been a lot of good tunes out). So what do we think you should be listening to over this next week?

Goo Goo Dolls

First, you need to check out the new collaboration between Danger Mouse and Black Thought; rap/hip-hop on the highest level. Next, fans of 90’s alt rock should embrace the latest for the Goo Goo Dolls. UK group Pale Waves are continuing to prove their pop-punk/pop-rock songwriting savvy on their new one, and Kiwi Jr‘s latest is filled with some bouncy indie rock gems. Tony Molina exclusively writes short power pop nuggets, so his whole new album will fly by for you. Finally, the new one from Panda Bear is some perfect beach indie for these finals summer days.

In singles, we think everyone should be listening to the new one from First Aid Kit, who always provide beatific folk harmonies in their songs. Eve 6 have a new one out that slaps, and BlackStarKids are giving us the first taste of their next mixtape. We always welcome a new song from the multi-talented Dessa, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new one will BURN up your ears in the best way. Japanese band Band-Maid have a new one that scorches, and Anti-Flag‘s latest is a true inferno (yeah, it’s pretty hot out right now).

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom

If you need to cool things down, there’s some more calming bops from Broken Bells, Quinn Christopherson, and The Big Pink. But then Sleeping With Sirens and Pixies go and turn up the rock with their new singles. And we can’t forget Surf Curse, who keep releasing one rocker after another.

Blues legend Buddy Guy has a new song out with Jason Isbell, and some other familiar artists you’ll see are Mightmare, Bayside, Sleeping with Sirens and Goldpark. So who are our first-timers on this week’s NMF playlist? That would be Evaride, Runnner, Don’t Panic, The Summer Set, Megan Slankard, Night Swimming, Doki Doki, Chico Romano and Takuya Kuroda.

Get to listening to all of these and more in our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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