Check This: Jane’s Party – Live Again

Artist: Jane’s Party

Song: “Live Again”

Album: Live Again

Label: JP Productions

Genre: Rock n’ Roll, Folk Rock, Indie Rock

Since getting together in a garage over ten years ago, Toronto alt rock band Jane’s Party have been on a journey as songwriters and musicians, experimenting with new sounds, yet never forgoing tracks that have simply strong, memorable melodies and pop-leaning hooks. That’s probably why songs like “Live Again”, off their new album of the same name, sound so perfectly crafted.

A track about reflecting on a past version one’s self, the track has the kind of fully-realized harmonies that recall 70’s AM radio, with slippery guitar lines, pub rock drums, and the kind of lyrics that recall folk storytellers like Dawes (“Now everybody wants a piece of me. Now everybody’s in shock. You took the fun out of the mystery. You Lost the keys to the lock”). The track simply pops with feel-good energy.

Check it out in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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