Lost Gems: The Rosewood Fall – Again

Back in college, a filmmaker friend of mine sent me an mp3 of a track he was using in a short film; “Again” by The Rosewood Fall. Upon listening, I was instantly drawn in by the opening line “I think I lost myself again”. While not exceptional in its production quality (I would find out later it was likely a demo), the track connected with me 100% emotionally. The squalling guitars, throbbing bass, morose vocals and driving percussion made for a perfect downbeat rocker. The song’s lyrics were filled with loneliness and aching, which as a very single young man, I could definitely feel.

So who were The Rosewood Fall? I was able to find this long bio online of them, but here’s a shorter one written by the Linkin Park Live Archive:

After Snax disbanded in 2001, Jim Roach (guitars) and Daniel Patterson (drums) joined their Westmont College friends Benjamin Holsteen (vocals and guitars) and Eric Palmquist (bass) in a band called The Rosewood Fall in 2002. The band recorded a 3-track demo that Jim played for his former bandmate Dave “Phoenix” Farrell over a lunch meeting and they were offered a deal with the Linkin Park owned record label Machine Shop Recordings in 2003.

So the band was signed to a label ran by one of the biggest alt rock groups of all time and released their Demonstrate EP in 2004, but it seems they fell off the map following that. As you can likely guess, the band is no longer active and you won’t find their songs on Spotify or Apple music. Thankfully with the bio, the label shared the three song sampler on YouTube, so you can all enjoy the track below. Wherever the band is now, hopefully they know that their music left a mark on some people.

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