Throwback Thursday: Peabody – Got You On My Radar

Much like finding a job or a new romance, discovering a new band can sometimes fall down to chance and timing. Thinking back this week to my first trip to Australia in 2005, I returned to the states with a bunch of new bands on my radar, one being Sydney 4-piece rock act Peabody, after hearing their song “Got You On My Radar” on a local radio station.

As the song came out that year, the fact that I was in Australia at the time of the song’s release, and happening to be listening to the radio (probably Triple J), all lined up for me being turned onto this undeniable, in-your-face jam. From its energetic guitar lines, thrilling drums, driving bass and knockout chorus, the song has remained “never far from the thoughts on my mind”.

And since you are here, on this site, at this time, maybe it’s the right time for you to discover the song for yourself here!

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