Premiere: Will Moore – Get Along So Well

Seattle-based artist Will Moore has toured the country as a member of numerous different bands, but only more recently moved forward with his own musical project. Since then, he has released two EPs, toured and even received some national radio play.

Moore and his band are now readying their next step with the release of their latest single, “Get Along So Well”, which we are premiering here today before its release on August 31st! About the song, Will had this to say:

“I always saw this song as a tribute to any sort of relationship. Friendship, romance, really any journey you can take with another person. It’s never all good or all bad, and sometimes things happen that are an unfortunate mistake. I have often wondered why things fall apart sometimes…….even though we seem to get along or enjoy what we’re doing. It’s hard to keep relationships as strong as you want them to be, but if you’re lucky, they can mend themselves eventually.

“This was the first time I’d been in the studio with the whole band. I knew it was going to be a learning process; we were all rusty. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least. We had been in the rehearsal room for a year and a half with no timeframe or pressure to deliver anything, and now was the time to actually create the thing that we were going to share with the world. I am happy with the work we did, and I’m so thankful to the band for trusting me. Now that the butterflies are out of our system, I can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the songs.”

Opening with a new wave key line and a power pop guitar riff that recalls Randy Newman‘s “I Love L.A.”, the track is a bright, indie pop rock romp that has equal measures groove and stomp. It feels like a fun throwback to a more innocent era, but with a modern sheen. Mixed by Grammy-nominee Matty Green, we are excited to be the first place you can hear this great new tune!

“Get Along So Well” is slated to be the first single off the as-yet untitled album from Will Moore and his band, and tour dates are in the works. Learn more at Will’s website, and check out the song here, and be sure to add it to your playlist of choice when it comes out this Friday!

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