Check This: Taylor Acorn – Psycho

Artist: Taylor Acorn

Song: “Psycho”

Genre: Pop Punk, Emo, Punk

Plenty of artists in the rock arena have moved into country at later points in their career. It’s rarer to find a country artists taking a 180 into the pop-punk world, but that’s just what rising artist Taylor Acorn did. Having been raised on that scene’s music, it wasn’t a stretch for her to ditch Nashville for acoustic covers of the emo songs she grew up listening to. These covers on TikTok quickly got her the attention of not only fans, but the original bands themselves. Now Acorn is releasing her own songs in the genre, most recently the crazy catchy “Psycho”.

“Never been one of the crazy ones” Acorn sings at the start of the track, as she establishes a narrative of an immature guy unfairly treating Acorn as the bad guy in their relationship, leading Acorn to declare “but baby for you, I’ll be a psycho”. It’s a smart call-out to a certain type of guy (“boys like you give men a bad name”), with a ferocious chorus that is a perfectly piece of ear candy.

Check out this infectious jam in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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