World Watch: Longfield & Super Skeleton

Country: Norway

Longfield & Super Skeleton are a six-person rock ensemble daring to bring the DIY spirit back to a genre that is continually being marked as “dead”. In their home country, they’ve gained famed for their energetic live shows, and received radio play and rave reviews for their ballsy, grooving style of rock n’ roll. It’s about time they get some attention across the pond.

Take a song like “I Never Learn”, with its hip-shaking, cowbell-aided rhythm and propulsive melody. A punk spirit permeates the song as the singer harmonizes “I’m a goddamn wreck” over a pummeling beat. Then you can move into “Suffer”, with its classic rock riffs and glorious dynamics. “We will make you suffer, and then we’ll set you free” is sung, but there’s no suffering listening to this song. It’s just the kind of music that makes you feel free to dance and move.

“Parasite” sounds like a triumphant call to arms, yet with lyrics like “I have yet to see something good come out of me”, one realizes there’s more going on here than you would initially think from the thrilling music. The group directly attacks toxic masculinity on “Whatever”, which they tackle with perfect pop skills.

Needless to say, this is a band with a catalogue worth checking out. Their latest album Daylight, The Devil dropped recently. Start off with a couple songs in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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