Banger of the Week: Celebration Summer – Fraud

“When we need leaders…”

No matter who is in power, there is always turmoil and problems happening in the world, and its during these times that great punk bands can rise to let their voices be heard.

Celebration Summer formed in 2019 during the Trump administration, and are preparing to release their debut album on A-F Records this Fall. They recently released the second single from the album, “Fraud”, which is a scathing attack on powerful people and corruption in our society. No matter your thoughts on the current administration, there is always a need for good leaders in our world in hopes we can be led into a better future.

Until we get them, we’re lucky to have punks like Celebration Summer fighting the good fight and spreading their message through fast, aggressive hooks and pummeling power chords. Take a listen to this new banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

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