World Watch: Plastic Age

Country: France

There is a rawness to the sound of rock trio Plastic Age‘s sound that drew me in on first listen. The French band, who have been conquering the road with over two hundred shows under their belt, draw inspiration from groups like Pixies, The Vines and The Hives, banging out wicked little nuggets that have a fine-tuned edge but are cushioned by lo-fi harmonies that elevate the tracks.

“Desire” showcases some of the best melodies of the band’s catalogue, while aluminum riffs clang gorgeously. The band can also strike up a raucous fury on songs like “Take Me for a Fool”, a ripping f**k-off song that conjures classic New York underground rock.

The group’s latest song, “Pink Lady” works in three-party harmonies and peppy go-go choruses that one could imagine popping up in a 60’s, psychedelic club scene in an Antonioni film. It’s a blend of classic sounds that come together for a fun blast.

Get your Francophile on and hear some of Plastic Age‘s songs in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music!

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