Music Video: The Comet is Coming – Technicolour

Back in 2019, The Comet is Coming fried our brains with their experimental, instrumental electro-sax rock banger “Summon the Fire”. Now the UK trio are back with a new single and a mind-bending video that vividly captures the mental freak-out the song inspires.

The track itself skitters, jolts and spins off syncopated synths, jabbing saxophone and frenetic drums. It’s not music any average person could dance to; this is pure rave music meant for wild, abstract movement. The kind of movements we see from the video’s two sickly, intense characters.

Opening in a warehouse with a glowing circle at its center, the video follows two struggling people, shaking, sweating and shivering like addicts, who are finding themselves drawn to this mysterious circle. Occasionally switching to a CGI infra-blue view, the visuals are stark and purposefully off-putting, capturing the two people at odd angles. And as both enter the circle, a hyperkinetic 360 dolly tornados them into a blinding oblivion.

Watch the video above and stream the track here!

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