Check This: D Fine Us – A Little Bit of Rain (feat. Lucious Spiller)

Artists: D Fine Us, Lucious Spiller

Song: “A Little Bit of Rain”

Album: Safe to Disconnect

Label: Sod Camus

Genre: Blues, Soul, Alternative, Electronic

With his music project D Fine Us, songwriter/producer Tomer Katz brings together old and new to create a pastiche of sounds which has been described as “culture-clashed”. Pulling from his influences of delta blues, soul and R&B, Katz’s songs infuse these classic genres with electronic textures and digital flourishes that make them sound wholly modern.

A great example of this is on the first single “A Little Bit of Rain” from his latest album Safe to DIsconnect. Featuring blues artist Lucious Spiller providing soulful vocals, the track features honky tonk piano, hand claps and marching drums that give the track a classic blues base, before the production elements come in, layering various bells and whistles over the song. Parts are cut-up and remixed in as a guitar comes in at the same time as new twinkling textures.

All of these elements manage to cohesively come together to give the song an intriguing quality that is impossible to pinpoint. Check out this track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and if you dig it, be sure to listen to the whole album.

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