Banger of the Week: Firstborne – One of a Kind

A veritable metal supergroup, Firstborne bring a refreshing blast of 80’s tinged metal into the modern day. After Stranger Things got the universe listening to Metallica again, the possibility of a renaissance of melodic thrash metal isn’t too far off, and if it happens, it would be songs like “One of a Kind” that pave the way for it.

Girish Pradhan’s vocals have the soaring, emotive range of early Sebastian Bach, while Chris Adler’s drumming carries the track in a humble fashion that belies the technical skill on display. Myrone’s sweet solos channel the heyday of MTV metal, while the gang backing vocals fill out the song and build it into an anthem-worthy stadium rocker.

If the track doesn’t make you want to raise the devil hands and bang your head, you may have no soul. Rock out to this banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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