Check This: The Ghost Club – Don’t Let Go

Artist: The Ghost Club

Song: “Don’t Let Go”

Genre: Rock n’ Roll, Rock

Pittsburgh’s The Ghost Club, led by frontman Domenic Dunegan, have been releasing singles and EPs since 2018. Through analog synths, arena-ready guitars and soaring vocals, the group channels an E Street Band-stadium style sound that melds the best of the eighties with a modern sheen. And their latest single “Don’t Let Go” is good enough to make the Boss himself turn his head.

About the song, Dunegan has said: “This song is a personal thank you to the people in life that hang around through the lows and continue to guide you. You learn very quickly who truly cares about you when you are at your lowest points. It can also be listened to in another sense, as a reminder that no matter what, whether you’re walking, running or crawling, never stop moving forward.”

The pace and energy of the song certainly works for this second meaning, as the track pulses with an urgent energy that makes you want to move your body. The chorus is a bellowing wale of a hook, and the band even brings in some sax to fill out the sound even more. It’s an anthem made to be blared in a large venue.

Check it out in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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