Music Video: Iglu & Hartly – Don’t Let Go

Back in 2008, indie band Iglu & Hartly made a splash on California radio with their upbeat jam “In This City”. Their album mixed synth rock and hip hop with a feel-good party energy that was completely addictive. Even as they were building their following touring overseas, their label unceremoniously dropped them.

After reuniting for a show in Hermosa Beach back in 2019, frontman Jarvis Anderson decided he couldn’t live with not trying to continue the band and solidifying its legacy. After regaining the rights to their album and redistributing it onto streaming services, he and his bandmates yesterday issued a deluxe edition of the original album, along with including one brand new song “Don’t Let Go”.

A clap-happy, synth-pop track that embraces the notion of holding on to your dreams, the band chose to visualize the song with a new, silly lo-fi video that still manages to capture the fun vibes of the song. Portraying the band as junk collectors looking to make money to record their new album, the vid takes a meta twist when the director of the music video we are watching reveals she has one-or-two screws loose. The song then starts with the band driving their truck through a lightly filled Los Angeles riverbed, picking up junk for their trunk, and having a purely good time.

So join me in welcoming back these indie rockers by watching their video and streaming the new track here.

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