Check This: Foxtide – Already Gone

Artist: Foxtide

Song: “Already Gone”

Album: TBD

Genre: Pysch Rock, Surf Jazz, Pop Rock, Alternative

Foxtide are four friends from San Diego who combine their collection of unique influences craft a style of pop-leaning psych rock infused with “surf jazz”, reggae, punk and whatever else they can fit in. After releasing an EP in 2019, the group dropped their debut album in 2021, but haven’t slowed down. Keeping the fire burning, they recently released the 80’s-tinged new single “Already Gone”.

With shimmering guitars and a vocal delivery that feel reminiscent of the kind of groovy, elevated pop rock of Hall & Oates, “Already Gone” has a laid-back, expressive vibe that belies the substance behind the track. Addressing the band members’ “experiences of mindlessly working dead end jobs and feeling as though they are wasting their time”, the song is about getting by despite hardships (“I’ve been living in misery, and thinking what it meant to be”).

Check out this sunny bop in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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